Trekking in the Asti Langa Area

A round route from Canelli and back again to explore the medieval towers and frescoes, stone terraces, salt roads and fresh goat cheeses of the Asti Langa area

This route begins in Canelli, Italian ‘capital of sparkling wine’, with its marvellous and mysterious ‘underground cathedrals’ (historical subterranean wine cellars), the Villanova cliff and the ‘strenìa’, a steep cobbled lane that winds up towards the Gancia Castle. From here the route proceeds up to the highest point in the province of Asti, Bric Puschera, and the nearby timeless village of Roccaverano. The word ‘Roccaverano’ always brings to mind the delicious DOP cheese of the same name, made with pure goat’s milk from several different ‘crus’.

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